Finding Subjects…is about our relentless lifetime search for interesting topics hiding in plain site all around us. It starts with a camera, a digital recorder, and a destination.

We’ve spent our entire lives paying close attention to our surroundings, always hoping to discover, photograph, and learn something new about a person, place, or thing, that we didn’t know about before, and share those discoveries with others.

This journey has led my  family and I to gain a better understanding and respect of everything around us, in regards to those people, places, and things.

And so, Finding Subjects, was born, along with our desire to share these adventures, words, and thoughts with you in the hopes we can all learn something from these episodes, photographs, and simultaneously gain a deeper understanding and respect for each other and those little things that surround us.

We’ll share stories of adventure, survival, hope, happiness, of overcoming adversity and struggles, encountering interesting conversations, and reveal the faith, work, determination, and spirituality, it sometimes takes to overcome and survive these battles.

We are simply an ordinary family very grateful for the opportunity to share these episodes and photographs with you.

We hope you enjoy them.

Welcome to Finding Subjects!

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