Lord, Have Mercy…




Ever find yourself staring at nothing in particular. That’s what I am doing in this shot, staring at the intricacies of the sneaker on my right foot.

What’s fascinating about it? Nothing, not a damn thing,  other than the manufacturing process it takes to create an ordinary sneaker.

What is interesting are the thoughts behind this shot, of my mind wandering far from the balcony, from the sneaker, to the funeral the day before, seeing so much pain, experiencing the inability to help the ones suffering and hoping that simply by our presence, does that bring them some relief in their times of deep sadness.

This world is an incredibly difficult place sometimes. My friend is going through that right now in dealing with the death of his son: extreme sadness, anger, frustration, repeated over and over and over and over…
I’ve never seen him or his family in such a dark place. Sometimes just being there for someone has to be good enough, to listen, to nod, to smile, to cry along with them.
Prayers to them and to anyone out there dealing with the struggle, or losing a loved one to the disease, addiction. #addiction #Recovery #Prayers #Herion #Fentanol #drugaddiction #recover #recoveryquotes

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