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Sphecius speciosus: Cicada Killer Wasp, a solitary wasp, they hardly ever sting, ‘they say’, but their presence leaves many a human paralyzed with fear simply by their presence.

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I encountered this incredible creature the other day and took my chances to get as close as it would let me, for a portrait of course.

I’ve been fascinated with these wasps since the first time I ever saw one burrowing in a lawn, then flying off to hunt Cicada.killer

Notice the damage on it’s right wing (top photo). It was still able to hover and fly without any noticeable difference, and no, I didn’t get stung as no less than five circled and buzzed me continuously.

They were getting increasingly agitated by my presence, and that was my time to go.

Note: They do, will, and can sting, so I’d advise to keep your distance for safety reasons.

It was a great day alone with the camera. Two hours of serious mindfulness. Hat, sunscreen, bug spray, camera, I was off into the woods, finding a fallen tree, I sat there and stayed quiet, listening, thinking of nothing but being there, seeing everything alive around me: insects of all types, the good with the bad, trees, all of the plant life, squirrel, birds, raccoon, frogs, snakes, the sound of the creek trickling over the rocks, the breeze in the leaves, sun shining through periodically, surrounded by everything we rarely sit still to appreciate, two hours of pure natural therapy. Mindful of every second I was there.


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