An Old Friend


I miss the frequent visitations from this beautiful creature at my old home. I understand his presence represents something bad is about to happen to an unsuspecting bird, rabbit, squirrel, or whatever becomes it’s target, however, the circle of life is essential for all to survive.

Seconds after I snapped this photo he flew off and took a sparrow in mid-air. Hard to watch but never-the-less, essential to the balance of nature.

People are wondering where the podcast has been. Am I doing episodes?

I will soon. I’m doing…this…the writing…something I really enjoy. I find it easier sometimes to sit and type my thoughts out instead of talking them out in the podcast.

This…the posting of photographs I have taken and then telling the story behind them is what I’ve always wanted to do, it’s what I started out doing a long time ago with the original which I still own, I just haven’t directed that page to here as of yet.

Man, I love photography. It’s an expensive hobby to get perfect. I’m nowhere near satisfied with my photos, always wondering what it’d be like shooting with top of the line professional equipment. Easier I’m thinking, but there-in-lies the challenge, right? Which is cool to me, to do the best you can with what you have. That is the lure for me I guess.

The act of going out and Finding Subjects to photograph and talk about, man, it is one of my true loves. It runs deeper than that, I believe.

The photography: taking a photograph of something and preserving that moment for eternity, or at least for as long as I will be around and in that way, it’s always there.

I once took a photograph for an old friend of a place their father worked, he had since passed away, and then I gave that photo to the friend. I don’t think they fully understood why I did that.

I knew they missed their father and I also knew it’s the little things that can bring back great memories, and the fact that there was a ‘for sale’ sign on that property I knew the business sign where their father used to work would soon be gone. A memory captured in time, for as long as they have that photograph. Me thinking if it were me, I’d of liked to have it, and so I passed it on to them. Photography…how many times we look at loved ones photo’s who have passed on…

I often find myself looking at all photographs; of people, places, things, and that’s when my mind takes off, looking at those faces, wondering who they were, contemplating everything about them and the epoch in which the photo took place.

It’s a great hobby, photography. When I am walking around with my camera, I am totally immersed in the moment, completely mindful of everything around me. Talk about a stress reliever, nothing exists in those moments other than those moments.

Hey, I’m rambling here. Sorry about that. It’s just that I know a lot of people who are currently extremely stressed. I guess I am thinking about them in the back of my mind.

Everyone has a camera in their phone these days which makes everyone a potential photographer.

If you are looking to do something extremely relaxing, get yourself out for a walk somewhere and look closely at everything around you. It doesn’t have to be a subject as spectacular as this hawk, it could be the way a stone secured in concrete of a sidewalk glimmers in the sun when you look at it a certain way, a moment waiting to be captured by you.

Mindfulness, meditation, photography, walking, all excellent stress and anxiety relievers. Take time for yourself…to reset yourself.

Have a great day. Thanks for reading, and hey, don’t let the bull-crap negativity of the world take you down. Get mindful about everything positive around you.

Take care.




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