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I know, I know, ugly as sin, right? Maybe even, fugly? This is true. I mean all those sharp little hairs and that gunk like stuff by the wing, this fly is freaking disgusting, but what it lacks in beauty, it makes up for pure maneuverability and speed. These things are nothing short of spectacular flyers. I read a very interesting article on insects and it basically was stating; what if how they see movement is actually slow to them in regards to how we see movement. What appears to be lightning fast speed of a fly, could actually be perceived as normal to them. Nothing short of fascinating to me. Hey, all Instagram photos can’t be flowers!
I believe this is a Flesh Fly, Sarcophaga pernix, the adults feed on animal fluids. Larvae eat rotting flesh. Just all around nastiness! #fleshfly #flies#insects #naturepics #naturephotography #macroinsect #findingsubjects#findingsubjectspodcast #findingsubjectsphotography

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