Chatham Seal

Nice close encounter with this seal. Almost human like eyes, it stuck around for a while looking at me and I at it. I thought about it’s life, dangerous it seems to me and simultaneously if we were both capable of having a conversation it may possibly say my world is scarier.

To me this seal deals with a constant  pressure of Great White sharks lurking. To the seal, if it could rationalize, it could easily be overwhelmed with taxes, politics, religion, disease, traffic, pollution, all types of things we deal with everyday and say, ‘No thanks, I’m good here in the ocean.’

I stare at the scar on the bridge of it’s nose. Makes me wonder how it happened: Shark? Bump of a wooden dock? Conflict with another seal? Who knows.

I find myself walking a beach alone with my camera and off to my left, towards the ocean, I sense something, another seal, looking at me very similar to the one last night, to this one I will show you pictured. They certainly do find us interesting. I wonder where the rest of it’s colony is? I hope I don’t witness an attack. I don’t need to see that. No need. Saw it many times on television.

No, I just want this moment to be just like this: two dissimilar animals which know very little about each other sharing a little bit of space. It is a cool moment.

We live our lives the best we can, going through each day making the best decisions we can, all in the pursuit of peace, calm, happiness. I’m thinking animals are probably very similar in that aspect.

We both have the dangers in this world we have to deal with, but we certainly can’t walk around worrying about each and every one. We have to keep on keeping on. Where am I going with this?

Sometimes I’m not going anywhere. Sometimes I just think. Doesn’t always have to have an ending or a reason. Sometimes it’s just good to have your mind on something completely different than our lives. That’s what this is. A split second captured in digital media, on my camera, me sitting on a beach, sharing this moment with you: the warm breeze, sun high above, hundreds of people a quarter of a mile or so to my far left, far enough away from me to keep me happy…me sitting crossed legged staring out towards the ocean, the sun sparkling on its surface.

We don’t always have to be doing something constructive, doing something for a purpose. This does have purpose: To think. To contemplate the now. This…is me being mindful of the moment, of this seal, the ocean, the warm breeze, the sun on my skin, the sound of water lapping onto the sand, small waves crashing periodically in rhythm with everything.

It’s gone under. Haven’t seen it in a few minutes. The seal. Time to stand up, brush off the sand and keep the camera high when I do so. One stinking grain of sand in a shutter and my world can get miserable quickly.

That’s it. Now the walk to the back to the truck. Thanks for being here with me. Remember to use sun screen. You need some? Here, SPF fifty…it’s how I roll…

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