Cats: smarter than we think!

(Mr. Kitty resting on my size 11’s. He’s a big boy!)

My cat does not like it when I am on the phone or on the computer. I am not just saying this, it’s absolutely true.

When he sees me on the computer and he wants to spend time with me, he lays on the keyboard, if it’s the phone I am on he pretend bites my leg.

There are times when he just wants time, and not sharing it with an electronic device, kind of like today.

I was doing something on my phone and he was insistent on getting my attention, he gave me a fake ‘bite’ just gently putting his teeth on my leg then looking right up at me, and I jokingly said to him ‘You bite me it’s off to the pound for you!’

I’d never send this cat to the pound but he doesn’t know that. I love this cat.

Instantly he embraced my foot, then I sat with him and he embraced my hand.

This rescue and I are solid buds. He’s family. It’s funny how close we can get to our pets. Mr. Kitty aka ‘Skull Fighter’ is one in a million. At 23 lbs of solid muscle and over three feet long, he’s more dog than cat, extremely intelligent, I really enjoy hanging around with him. And God forbid you don’t give him attention when he wants it, he lets you know in a kind, but Skull-Fighter kind of way.

Looking for a best friend? Don’t forget to rescue!

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    • Thank you, Jim. It true. Never had cats before until we were in the situation to rescue him, and a few years later, another one. Extremely interesting animals to observe, and you have to work for their affection. 😂👍🏻

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