The Art Of Melon Picking

I’ve been driving past this gentleman for the past 34 years. As much as I love watermelon, I just never had the time to stop, until yesterday!

You see, everyone knows he’s the guy that sells watermelons at 84th and Lindbergh Blvd in Philadelphia, but none of my friends knew his name.

“Guys got great watermelon. You can’t go wrong, Tone.”

“I always get my watermelons from that guy. He’s been there forever.”

These are just some of the messages sent to me when I posted a pic of the watermelons and the price. In fact, people started coming out of the woodwork to comment on what a good product this man has.


So I said to myself, self, it’s time to go meet this man, and maybe, just maybe, he can help me with a problem I always have in regards to watermelons, and that it, picking the perfect melon!

DSC_3233 (3)

So off I went, down to 84th and Lindbergh Blvd in Philly and there he was. I introduced myself and asked him what he had. He then started telling me about his melons.

He was a wealth of information and I then asked him if he wouldn’t mind sharing that info via video here on Finding Subjects, at which he agreed.

I learned a great deal from Elijah. He’s been in the business for decades as was his father before him. The name of his company is ‘Carter Melons.’

I also stopped to talk to Elijah for another reason. He represents an older generation that works hard and makes sacrifices I think a lot of younger people don’t do these days.

To me, Elijah represents a fading generation, possibly the greatest generation, and they knew what sacrifices were and are. It’s the same generation my parents were from, and it was hard.

Elijah is a good man, a kind man. You can tell by watching the video above. I was happy to have met him and glad he didn’t mind talking with me so I could share his story.

I have a new place to get my watermelons. God help me, I’m addicted to watermelon, I just can’t get enough.

Having your own business and trying to make a living by it isn’t easy, that’s why I’ll always support people like Elijah out there working each day.

Carter Melons stays open until sometime in October, until then, I’ll be a regular. Thanks for watching and sharing!

And, Elijah, it was great meeting you! Thanks for sharing your story!


PS:How was the ‘Charleston Gray’ watermelon Elijah picked out for me??

Excellent! Hopefully there will be some leftover for my wife when she gets home from work!


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