Traffic Jam

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These geese maneuvered around the kayaks with ease as the two groups came to a head in Kennebunkport, ME.

It’s been a while since we’ve been to Kennebunkport. From what we can figure, it’s been around twenty-five years.

A lot has changed in our lives since that time: Marriage, Children, jobs, health status, homes, seemingly everything has changed from what it was.

That’s life, though. Life changes. Everything changes, nothing stays the same, contrary to the song, ‘Dust In The Wind’, by Kansas, ‘Nothing lasts forever but the earth and sky…’

I’ve learned that nothing lasts forever, even the earth and sky. Everything changes, everything is in a constant state of flux, sometimes these changes are instant, sometimes they take take a very long time to be noticed, but indeed, everything is changing, and that’s alright by me.

I thought about the vacation my wife and I took to Kennebunkport so many years ago. It was probably the most peaceful vacation we ever had. We stayed at a place called The Captain Fairfield Inn, bed and breakfast.

What I remember about the place was the quiet. No television distractions, no phones ringing…we read books and enjoyed the quiet. And ate incredible homemade breakfast. I don’t even know if the same people own it these days, we should have stopped by and said hello, but we were bound by traffic and on the hunt for parking on a busy weekend.

I think back to that time, and recall all of the people in our lives that were alive back then, so many have passed on, this is how time and life move on.

What we did up there in Maine was we created memories. Every-time we go away, that is what we do, create memories, make memories. I document these memories in photographs. I then reflect on the photographs and recall those times much clearer than entrusting my brain to be as accurate.

Nowadays I share those photographs with you, and the words, these words. I’ve always been compelled to share these things, maybe its me subliminally making up for lonely times as a child spending lots of time by myself, in my room, listening to music, reading books, that’s what you do when you are punished? I was in my room quite a lot. I’m smiling about that.

Memories…it’s what I am doing right now, recalling those times that seemed to important back then, and are hardly discernible today. My dad and mom, they were around then. So were so many aunts and uncles, and friends…

Time marches forward. I think as long as we are aware of it, we are ahead of the game and it can’t catch us off guard.

I’ll look around myself today. I’ll observe all of the little things. I’ll take the mental picture and store it up there, somewhere. It’s mindfulness: Dismissing the clutter, appreciating the now, getting into the moment, why? Because nothing lasts forever, not even the earth and sky.

Appreciate it all while you can. None of us know how many seconds we have left.

Now go out there and enjoy your life. You are indeed blessed!


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