Finding Shells


Seems like yesterday when I took this photo. I remember the day exactly, the Fam-Squad and I walking the beach in Nags Head, NC, looking for shells, looking for anything, just happy to be there, being mindful, being with each other, just being in the moment.

We were and are a tight unit, the four of us, and although the girls are now in their early twenties with promising careers in their lives and living their own lives, we still make time for each other and often. because with out us, without them, my world would be incredibly empty.

Having the opportunity to see them grow up first hand, man, I can’t even explain what a blessing that was and still is. I’ve taught them so much and they have and continue to teach me as well.

Blessing come in all forms, as does happiness. We can spend a lifetime searching to happiness never finding what was always there in front of you the entire time.

For me, happiness comes from experiences, from mindfulness, from loving the things we  have instead of always searching for something more.

Me, I’d tell you I’m rich beyond measure, that is because I truly am, not with the material things you can see and touch, but with the most importantly things that truly matter, love and appreciation for everything that surrounds me.

Life is a gift. Every single day we get a chance to do it better than yesterday. How amazing is that?

Not everyone gets that chance. Take the time to stop and look around you. Sometimes it is indeed as good as it gets, we just have to understand and appreciate those little things we take for granted, that help make up the entire photograph and becomes happiness.

Big week coming up. The battle is mostly between my ears, my outlook, my dealing with medical environments. Hate medical environments, but I know it is for the best. Cannot wait until this is done, so I can go on and settle back into my bubble. It’s comfortable there. I’m comfortable there as well.

Have a great day. Thanks for being here. I appreciate your visit greatly!


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