Quick Bee


Had the opportunity to get up close and personal with this bee today, man was it quick, so quick that I lost it several times as it did repeated close fly-by’s to my face.

There was a day when I was a youngster I would freeze at the sight of a bee, that was from getting stung more than my fair share as a kid.

Now it seems the closer I get the less they bother me, although I am certain that by saying that I am soon doomed.

Anyways, great day today, humid as heck, but found this shot quickly, then made my way back to the truck. Hope you are all doing well. Been sitting back on the podcast for a bit. Not certain why, but have an idea.

The photography is very relaxing. The podcast, not so much, basically because I get very personal whereas with the camera, it’s just me and the camera and what I find out there.

Big test coming up Tuesday, the last of the cardiac tests. It was rescheduled because of sever thunderstorms and lighting messed up the magnet on the MRI machine. Tuesday it’s go time. I’m thinking positive, but all things cardiac I’m sick and tired of talking about and thinking about.

As for now, I’ll keep on posting here, the photographs, and more of the thoughts behind them.

I couldn’t have been out of the truck for ten minutes and I was dripping with sweat. Wish I could have stayed longer. They say it’s going to be this way until Wednesday. I’m looking forward to fall.

I’ll get more regular with the photos here.

Hey, thank you, for reading, for looking, appreciate it greatly.

Take care and talk to you again soon.


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  1. Great shot… a note of relief, not all “bees” are actually armed with stings… that one looks more like a hover-fly in bee camouflage! πŸ˜‰

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