Finding East Passyunk

A car show and street fair was held yesterday in Philadelphia, South Philadelphia actually, to be even more specific, the ‘East Passyunk’ section of Philly.

The family wanted to go to the pool, and they did, while I chose the Car Show and the people, not because I don’t like my family, but because I really wanted to get some good shots.

DSC_2637 (2)

Photography has always been that way for me, a sirens call, beckoning me to get out there and find something to shoot, film capturing the subject, now digital media, light entering a lens, a processor, being saved in pixels, it’s similar but not the same, no Fotomat drive-up kiosks to drop off and pick up your film rolls, now it’s instant reward.

For me,camera in hand, walking the land on this planet is some kind of perfect , it always has been, for as long as I’ve been alive it seems, but never taking it as far as I needed.

DSC_2521 (2)

I found a parking spot up on Shunk Street, then made my way towards the sound of  music, drums, a bass, an electric guitar, clean sound, first impression was a jazz influence, followed by second impression, talent, as I got closer I started right away with shots, to my left, to my right, just make certain everything was in order, and it was then I met the band and they were warming up.

DSC_2523 (3)

Walking right up to people and saying hello isn’t hard for me any longer. I truly enjoy meeting new people. I think the feeling is mutual, a quick exchange with these guys, a card for them, they’ll contact me, I’ll provide a link to their music, but that quickly friends made, they were very good, but I had to move on, and so I turned and proceeded down East Passyunk Avenue to submerse myself in the mix,


DSC_2541 (2)

A die-hard Flyers Fan, a beautiful Harley up for raffle, incredible art work on the bike, the shirt, it pretty much sums up the mindset of most Philadelphia Flyers Ice Hockey Fans.DSC_2543 (2)DSC_2546DSC_2547 (2)

You never know what you’ll see at a car show. Owners add their personal touch of what they’d like to convey to the crowd. This helmet and Micky Mouse have a story I am certain, the owner not readily found, but I am certain he is close, watching over his vehicle, the sun baking me, I had to press on there was so much to see. DSC_2551 (2)DSC_2554 (2)

A group of women representing Jefferson Health. Sometimes you just have to the photo in your head first, which is all of the time with me, and then I ask if they wouldn’t mind if I took a photograph, and then I tell them why. Their smiles, their message, the words ‘South Philly’, all spoke to me. Even though I’m from the suburbs of Philadelphia, my family, our history, is everything Philly.DSC_2556 (2)

This building: A beautiful example of the rebirth of Philadelphia. It’s happening all over the place. People are spending big money to be able to live here, to experience all that the city has to offer. DSC_2560 (2)

This Dune Buggy comes with everything including two kegs of beer in the far back and a big fish, already caught. DSC_2561

I’ll be back to eat at this location. Looked like lots of fun.DSC_2562 (2)

Top notch restorations and beautiful cars to be found all along the avenue.DSC_2563 (2)DSC_2569 (2)

Great smile on this beautiful stilt-walker.DSC_2572 (2)DSC_2580DSC_2581 (2)DSC_2585 (2)

I asked this gentleman if I could take his photo, and then gave him a card. I told him he looks like he runs the show here, and I meant ‘all of it.’

He smiled and agreed to allow me to take his photograph. I couldn’t stop from staring at that sand-which in the tin foil just sitting there. I was thirsty and hungry, something I’d have to take care of.


DSC_2589 (2)

Some of the intricate details people add to their vehicles.DSC_2590DSC_2593 (2)

In the city, you have cool places like this to shop in. I’ll be back with my wife to get some plants.DSC_2592 (4)

People ask me how I approach someone I wish to photograph.

I simply walk right up, introduce myself, and say ‘I think you’d make a great photograph, would you mind if I take your picture?’

Nine times out of ten they say yes, then they typically ask where I share my photos, I’ll give them a card, thank them, and tell them about the podcast as well.

Usually I’ll get into a conversation with people I photograph. That’s the most important part for me, the conversation. Yesterday, it was just so darn hot out for me, I had to keep moving, so my apologies to everyone who stopped and allowed me to photograph them, and thank you as well.DSC_2596 (4)DSC_2597 (3)DSC_2598 (2)

These folks from, ‘Bee Here Now’, were great to joke with. Again, wish it weren’t so hot so I could have talked longer, but I had to keep moving.DSC_2599 (3)DSC_2601 (2)DSC_2624 (2)

Saw this guys shirt and had to ask him permission for a shot. Technically, if you are in a public place and the subject you wish to photograph is also in that place, you can shoot a photo without permission. But I always ask. It’s the polite thing to do.

I’ve had people just start clicking away at me in Philly recently, and also most recently in London, and in Dublin, Ireland.

So if you are out photographing, be aware of the image you project to others. You don’t want to seem like a creeper. I prefer to ask permission.


The reason I asked this guy to take a photo in the first place, what a cool shirt,

“The Old Farts Club!” Great shirt!DSC_2625 (2)DSC_2608 (3)DSC_2628 (4)

Welded from nuts, bolts, and metal, I had to recognize the great time and talent it took  to create this Cobra.DSC_2628 (3)DSC_2631 (2)DSC_2632 (2)DSC_2634 (2)

In an hours time I had arrived and departed. I can only take so much heat. South Philadelphia will always hold a special place in my heart. After-all, I’d be there, every Sunday it seemed, having dinner with family, gathering together, sharing stories, creating great memories, and it’s times like these, when I see something on and I go down there, that all of those memories come rushing back.

I’m always preaching mindfulness, of appreciating the now, and I mean that, but there’s nothing wrong with going back to visit occasionally with the ghosts of the past, smiling about it, feeling good about it, then getting right on back to the mindfulness of the day.

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Have a great day. Hope you enjoyed the photos.


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