Hanging with the Pollinators

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Pollination is vital to our food supply. Yesterday I wanted to get up close and personal with these amazing creatures and the life-vital work they do behind the scenes that some of have never observed.

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Pollen is transferred by insects and birds, as well as the wind.DSC_2243 (2)DSC_2260 (3)

Without the transfer of pollen from one flower to another, the flowers wont grow, food wont grow, and we will discontinue to live.DSC_2269 (2)

Me, getting my face just inches from these amazing creatures was nothing short of sheer horror for me in my younger days, but now, I get my mug right in there and watch in fascination as they work tirelessly to gather pollen.DSC_2266 (3)DSC_2276 (2)


We need to educate ourselves in regards to the importance of this natural occurrence to see what it is we can do to help promote pollination.DSC_2274 (3)

For more information, please visit this link to the U.S. Forest Service and learn more about pollination.

Without it, we as a species, could go hungry.



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An anxious moment when this honey bee decided to get a closer look at me. No worries. No stings.DSC_2309 (3)Look closely, many very tiny pollinators are present within this flower.

DSC_2353 (2) Thank you for reading this post about pollinators. For more information on pollination please visit The U.S. Forest Service to learn more on how we can help.

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  1. These are absolutely beautiful shots! I love to watch the bees and butterflies hard at work too, and they are so vital to everything! This is a wonderful post and thank you for sharing!

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