The Light At The End Of The Tunnel

I remember driving through this tunnel that takes you into Yosemeti National Park. My daughter was riding shotgun and snapping away.

The best thing about that is I know there will be very cool photos at the end of the day.


Because she’s been taking photos since she was two, and because she’s good, has a great eye, and captures incredible shots.

I remember when they were so young, me handing them the Video camera, my wife cringing, and me shrugging it off while teaching them both to look through the hole and keep the person in there in the view.

We have a ton of really bad video from those times, but guess what happened?

That video got better and better! It was time to hand them the Nikon FE-2.

They were a bit older but still in the single digits. Steady the shot, I’d focus it, then they take the pic and it grew from there.

On this day is was a Nikon D-5100 and she was snapping away and came out with this shot of us going through the tunnel.

No one is good at something straight away. It takes a long time of practicing and effort.

Those two things are easy when you love what you are doing, but along with putting in the time you have to learn patience.

When you get that down, you can be good at whatever it is you wish to accomplish!

Have a great day!


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