Yesterday’s Journey

Yesterday was beautiful. Not a cloud in the sky. Visited family in the hospital. Hospital visits aren’t fun. Met some really nice people there. Talked to them. They shared their stories with me. I found myself a bench afterwards on the campus of UPenn and thought about those people I just met. I wondered why, how it happens, the selection process of when it’s our time for adversity. Of course I came up empty. In my head it’s this enormous spinning wheel of misfortune that sometimes lands on our names. That’s kind of how I visualize and rationalize it because I don’t know the answers. Easter Sunday after church service I drove to the store with my daughter. We talked about Material Science, Thermodynamics, all cool things engineering. It was good to have her home from college. The conversation quickly turned to spirituality, and then it found its way to why bad things happen to good people. We both didn’t have any answers. And as I sat on the bench there at Penn I found myself doing exactly what I told those people I met in the hospital, I prayed for them. That’s all I can do to help. Some people may say that’s a waste of time. Others will say prayers work. I don’t know the answer. But for the others, I prayed they have many more years left with their loved ones. I believe they can. I continuously pray for miracles through modern medicine, through the doctors and nursing staff, through research and studying particular problem solving and in that way those prayers get answered. For me, I believe prayers work. I believe God works in our favor through so many avenues we cannot comprehend. As to the why we face the adversity in the first place, I don’t have those answers. In the meantime I will continue to pray. Sometimes that’s all we can do, that and to keep fighting on. I sat on the bench and watched hundreds of people walk by me and wondered where their life’s journey will take them. Everyone of them strangers to me and simultaneously they are each fascinating stories I don’t and will never know. We are all on this journey called life. It’s full of valleys and mountain peaks. I pray there are more mountain peaks than valleys in your life. I pray for more miracles through modern medicine and through those working in the health field. It’s all We can do sometimes, pray. Pray and keep on fighting!

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