Season 2 Episode 9: Meet The Beatles and Liverpool FC


On this episode of Finding Subjects we’re off to Liverpool, where we take a behind the scene tour of Anfield, home of Liverpool Football Club.

We then take a Magical Mystery Tour and get the inside scoop on the Beatles!

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Stephen Done, Museum Curator at Anfield. We saw Stephen with these items in his hand walking towards the exit. I interrupted him and asked him what he was doing with this equipment. He then informed me of whom he was and I felt embarrassed I mistaken him for someone trying to get away with Liverpool artifacts. I apologized and he thanked me for interceding on a possible theft that wasn’t. It turns out Stephen was taking the boots and ball to be used in a television show that would discuss the safety of football equipment then and now. Great guy! Thank you Stephen for not being offended by me interceding! It’s a Philly thing. Ha.

Michael and Gordon, our tour guides in Anfield. These two were fantastic guides, extremely knowledgeable, and hilarious as well. I apologize to you both, we never made it to the Arkle, next time the pints are on me!!

The man, the myth, the legend… Mo Salah

Sunset in Anfield… Everton is over that way somewhere…

Let me take you down, cause I’m going to…

Johns home

Magners Dark Fruit Cider. Why this isn’t in the USA I have no idea!

LFC Philly doing the Mo Salah pose!

LFC Philly halftime Photo. Great bunch of people right here.

In memory of the Hillsborough Disaster, April 15, 1996, 96 fatalities, 766 injuries. May we always keep them in our thoughts and prayers.

The Magical Mystery Bus Tour office! These guys…thank you all so much for being as cool as you were to us that day, Jack and Bill, and I believe, Tony, to the far left? Shoot me an email and I’ll fix it if I am wrong!

This is not Elvis Presley. Can you guess who it is? Email us with the answer!

Walking along the river Mersey.

The Liver Bird standing watch over Liverpool and the river Mersey.

Edward the VII


Captain Johnny Walker Statue

Captain Johnny Walker

The Liverpool Building

Bronze statue of emigrants at the Liverpool waterfront.

Revolution restaurant: Home of the best Chicken Caesar Salad I’ve ever had! Great job, Revolution!

Oi! Tommy Shelby, come out with your hands up! Peaky Blinders street in the Dingle where Thomas Shelby’s house is!

This place is in my ears and in my eyes!

Billllll- Lyyyyyyyyyy Shearrrrrssssssssssss!

Liverpool waterfront

Magical Mystery Tour Bus

Can you imagine having these in your home?

Paul’s bass!

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