Word Power

It amazing the power a simple word can have over us once we understand it’s meaning.

Definitely a calming affect obtained from reading and seeing these rocks!

Take time to appreciate the little things in life, and definitely take the time to relax, imagine, and inspire!

Have a great day!

New podcast drops Wednesday!

Hey….Charlie, Harry, Jemma, Griam, Heidi, Kate, Kelly, Amy, Lilly, Bill, Jack, Neil, Mike, Gordon, and so many more…

I’ll get you on this episode!!

Sorry it’s taken this long. But also very happy we said hello to so many of you all.

That’s what this is all about, meeting people, saying hello, and then remembering the positivity in it all.

Tune in Wednesday. Edinburg hello’s and then we are off to Liverpool as we talk about the Beatles and also the best football team in the Premier league, Liverpool FC!

Until then…

Have a great day!



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