The Little Things…

Some of the most amazing things in life require some effort for us to discover as this photo often reminds me.

I was walking on the beach with my daughter and she was insistently searching for something, I asked her what, and she replied ‘I’ll know it when I find it, I just haven’t found it yet.’

She was looking for something unique, amazing, beautiful, and a short time later, she found what she was looking for.

I watched as she looked closely and examined the details. I remember thinking how cool it was that she was taking the time to appreciate this small and seemingly insignificant item, but the closer she looked, the more details she discovered, and somewhere around that time I took this shot.

Life is that way sometimes. We are easily bombarded by those things that overwhelm us, overload us, but sometimes we have to just slow it all down and take a closer look at something, anything, and see and appreciate the beauty of it, probably why I love macro photography so much.

Just my two cents that I hope you don’t mind me sharing?

Hope you have a great day!

Putting the finishing touches on the next episode which will include very cool shoutouts from people we met in Glasgow, Edinburgh, and Liverpool!

Thanks for being here!

Have a great day!



PS: and as it usually happens when I’m trying to think of a title, as I thought of ‘The Little Things’…the U2 song…’The Sweetest Thing’ is now playing in my mind and I am certain will be today’s ear worm which isn’t such a bad thing. “Oooh oh, The Sweetest Thing!” Great Song! Great band! Going to tune in to it right now! ✌🏻

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