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This is going to be the year!’ I can still hear a buddy of mine say this over twenty years ago.

He was a humorous guy. What he meant was that was the year he was going to achieve getting in great shape, religiously working out, eating right, doing everything he could to be his personal best when embarking for the ultimate woman for himself. He even had ‘The Lucky Sweater’ as he called it, to seal the deal.

My buddy’s name was Murr. Like I said he was a funny guy. And that war cry, ‘This is going to be the year’, well it’s still popular amongst all of us that used to hang around together, our wives even say it now, but it’s taken on a different meaning of sorts, it now encompasses all of the important things in life and not the ability to meet ones dream date.

I’m thinking about that mantra this morning as I sit out here on the balcony overlooking the woods listening to the perfect blend of vehicular traffic from the distant highway and the song of the Northern Cardinals as I extract each teaspoon full of Greek yogurt, a mixed fruit blend, cashews, and dark chocolate chip morsels I threw on just because I’m a chocolate freak.

Life has come to this. I’m not complaining. I’ve been given the opportunity and awareness to contemplate and then appreciate every little thing in my life each day.

The sun pounds on my face. A cold breeze numbs my fingers, I glance off to my left and watch the sun reflect off the creek as the water makes its way on a very long journey to the Atlantic Ocean, and I am here thankful for this moment in time, The now, appreciating this all.

Looking back in the past and being there looking forward into the future, I’m pretty certain I never imagined my life to be what it is today. Maybe back then I didn’t have the ability to see things in a clearer perspective and know this is exactly where I’d choose to be in a strange way, in this current state of mindfulness and awareness, whereas those dreams for the future back then were most likely clouded by personal and material achievements and gains, as we get older we hopefully learn what is truly important in life.

‘This is going to be the year!’ For what, I couldn’t tell you. Six months ago I had the desire to start a podcast in an attempt to share a positive personal journal with you, my personal journal.

What makes me so important that one would be so inclined to listen to circumstances and events that happen in my life?

Maybe the air of familiarity. Maybe if we see that we are all similar in life’s trials and tribulations then in that we gain more understanding for ourselves and each other and in that way we also grow as people in respect and open mindedness?

Honestly, I’m just following my gut here. I’ve prayed on this journey before I’ve even taken one step forward.

It feels right to me, saying hello, talking to, then becoming friends with people from all over the world. I just think it’s cool as heck to speak with people, to engage in positive and constructive conversation with others. Is that a bad thing? I don’t think so.

My doctor suggested I consider speaking to people about adversity, overcoming it, battling it, dealing with anxiety, going to war with that each day in different forms, and initially I said ‘No Way’, I’m not qualified, there is always someone else with a different story, a more significant story out there, I’m not worthy to share my story.

But what I realize now is that we are all worthy to share our stories, and it’s helpful to listen to others for inspiration and strength, it’s what I do, I talk to you and I gain a better understanding of not only you but of myself, and in that way, the Finding Subjects Podcast is a complete success.

My dreams for this show are to achieve the levels other shows are experiencing: traveling to different locations, doing live shows in front of audiences with the hopes that something said during those events makes a significant and positive impact on someone else. Dreams are ok to have and if it’s meant to be it’ll happen and if its not then it’s not.

How’s that for a goal for this hobby?

I’m halfway done my yogurt. Typing with one finger on my phone is a struggle mostly but it works for me.

The Cardinal has drawn closer to me. His song has changed. Instead of the chirping it is a long note with two short warbled notes at its end.

He would like some shelled sunflower seeds. He will get his wish.

I sit back, close me eyes, and let the sun continue to fall on my face, each breath takes in the coolness of this mornings air. It is indeed great to be alive.

I think of Murr. Is coming up on four years he’s gone. One minute perfectly healthy, a month later battling cancer, a year after that he’s gone.

We have no idea what life has in store for each of us. The only guarantee is the now, right now.

‘This is going to be the year!’ I’ve heard that for decades. I can’t tell you if this is going to be the year for anything, but what I can tell you for certain is, this is going to be the day, for real, all day long, that I live it, appreciate it, do something constructive in it and give thanks for it at its end. That I can tell you for a fact.That is something we all can do.

So for today, I’ll follow the sun, because tomorrow it may rain!

Have a fantastic day! It’s been great talking to you. I’m eating right, I’m trying to do what I can to make healthier choices so as to not cheat my family or myself in life.

Catch up with you soon.



My buddy wanting to come outside and hang out with me on the balcony

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