One day home and I’m instantly back into the woods.

Every bird seems awake and alert today, sensing spring is very near.

Digging into the audio from the trip today. Should have an episode up soon. Until then have great day today!



7 comments on “Om

    1. The robins have arrived! Always a sign to me it’s spring. Chickadees on the balcony, along with tufted titmouse, the woods are suddenly alive again!

      1. It is a good feeling to hear them – if you shut your eyes to the bare trees, it can almost feel like Spring. We’re having a day in the 60s but it comes with two rounds of severe storms and possible tornadic activity – too early for that volatile weather!

      2. Personally there’s nothing like a good thunderstorm as far as I am concerned minus damage of course but when a good one kicks off it’s kind of s reminder to us we are not really in control πŸ‘πŸ»

      3. This is very true. I never used to worry about a good thunderstorm – it is this “new normal” kind of weather we are having … it is like “anything goes” anymore and Mother Nature sure shows us who is boss.

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