The Mysterious Footprints Of Dublin

Kind of a bizarre find very early yesterday morning on the streets of Dublin as we made our way to the bus stop and the airport.

In the middle of the sidewalk, these footprints left by an unknown soul.

They start and stop right where you see in the photo above.

It was very cold outside, the wind howling, we passed no one. Just an extremely odd find.

The rest of the day was just as off and strange: no bus came, had to call a taxi, flight full so they asked for bags to be checked, flight delayed for winds, got to Heathrow and they said we were late for our flight (45 mins until takeoff) we had to rebook, 1.5 hrs in rebook line, we get boarding cards for a flight but have no seats, I buy an extra hat and some gloves for possible exterior seating (wing or wheel-well), extra security swabs, no seats, then seats, board flight, delay departure, get to philly, no luggage…

But…in all of that…I refuse to let any or all of those bizarro-world events steal from me the epic journey my daughter and I had over the past three weeks. What an amazing gift she gave to me.

We had a fantastic time, saw so many beautiful places, met and conversed with so many incredibly nice individuals.

We did indeed find subjects, many subjects to talk about in upcoming episodes.

We are back, just awaking, finding ourselves accompanied by purring kittens, and loved ones. The loved ones aren’t purring that I know of, but they’ve welcomed us back as well.

So I just wanted to say a personal thank you to you! For being so kind, so receptive, so willing to engage in conversation with two strangers you never knew before.

Important Note: The podcast is continuously morphing.

First thing people ask me is, ‘What’s it about?’

That’s so hard to answer and saying that goes against every podcasting rule there is.

How do I explain to people the podcast is about them, we don’t even know each other yet, and the conversation hasn’t even begun?

It’s about that moment when we first meet someone, the awkwardness of the initiating of a conversation, the willingness of to or not to converse, and then if we do, the understanding, knowledge, empathy, respect, and open mindedness we gain afterwards.

This podcast is about you…for you.

Everyone in this world is a story that deserves to be heard. And on this journey of finding subjects we encounter other subjects that become the filler in between the good stuff, you.

And simultaneously while listening we learn to understand and be more compassionate and understanding towards others.

That is this podcast.

It’s not something I can simply explain in a quick sentence.

It’s a new kind of mindset is what it is, in this very negative world we now live in.

As I ask you when I meet you, there’s only one way to spread positivity and respect in this world, and that is to share it.

If you like this podcast, would you please share it to your friends on your social media.

There are half a million podcasts out there which makes it a needle in a haystack to find Finding Subjects Podcast.

Please help me spread the positive vibes!

Have a great day!

Don’t let the negativity beat you up!

Stay positive!

Thank you!

Thank you very much!

Talk to you soon!



In a very strange way I’d like to think those footsteps were a reminder from my ancient Irish Ancestors who walked the land before me that their memory can always be found there, in Ireland.

Then of course it could also be someone that left a pub without their shoes, or, a person from the future that came to earth (they arrive naked according to Hollywood) to find and destroy a terminator from the future.

Regardless, behold, there they are, the mysterious footprints of Dublin!

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