Thank You Scotland, Ireland, England

Well…all great things come to a beginning. This trip is no exception. It was epic as was the earlier trip to Iceland.

These trips were gifts to me from my daughters: father and daughter bonding journeys, not that we need to bond, we are not only parents and children, we are indeed best friends as well.

We are far from wealthy in the material sense of the word but in love and appreciation for each other and for others, we are among the richest in the world.

We’ve been to many cities, met and became friends with a lot of really nice people on all of these journeys.

Talking to people is my thing, what Ive learned on this trip is that it’s also a very Irish and Scottish thing as well. Communication, conversation, listening to each other… life skills that seem to be crumbling away the more technically advanced we become, and subliminally I think that bothers the crap out of me.

We are all a walking story, a book if you will, a best seller as far as I’m concerned, each of you, and when I get the opportunity to speak with you, I am honored and grateful you take the time to share who you are and what you are about. And in that we, we grow in life, our minds open, our empathy, respect, and concern for each other grow, and we become better people for it and this world of ours a better place. And that, my friends is what life and especially this podcast is all about! My journey begins now. I’m heading back to the states. Thank you all for your kindness, your coolness, your allowing me to get to know a little past of you that we can share with the rest of the world!

Talk to you soon!

Tony 👍🏻✌🏻👋🏻

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