Giants Causeway, Ireland

Yesterday we took an excellent bus tour out of Dublin to Belfast and the Giants Causeway from a company called Wild Rover Tours.

Our driver was Sidney and our guide was Kim.

As you know I do this podcast and blog for free so nothing influences with my opinions of how I tell it like it is, and this is how it was with Wild Rover Tours…they were fantastic!

Why I am taking the time to tell you about this is that when you are on vacation or ‘holiday’ as they call it over here, there is no time for regrets, you have to do your best to get it right and especially when you are spending 13 on a tour with fifty or so other people on a bus a lot of circumstances have to fit together perfectly for it to be a flawless memory. This company hit a home run for us on this specific tour.

The details I’ll talk about on the podcast coming up in the near future that will be about Belfast and the Giants Causeway, but they really were an excellent choice for our trip yesterday.

So thank you very much Wild Rover Tours for getting it right and making our day great.

Thank you to Sidney for getting us to and from our destination safely and professionally. Excellent driving!

And a special thank you to Kim aka Kimmy, your knowledge of every site we visited was in-depth, you communicated with us efficiently and effectively and I learned a great deal of history and facts from you.

And I have to mention this: Kim’s speaking voice is incredible. She sounds as if she belongs on radio or television or…..a Podcast???

One regret was that I did not record her voice in this specific trip.

As you know I am on vacation with my daughter and it was a day for no podcast just dad and daughter time.

You will not go wrong if you choose Wild Rover Tours out of Dublin to visit Belfast and the Giants Causeway. They have other destinations as well, so if you’d like to look more into them to can click here.

PS: they had no idea I was on the tour until after the tour. I receive no compensation or discount from anyone. This is all based on my opinions.

Here are some photographs from Giants Causeway!

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