Ireland: Cliffs of Moher

I’d be be posting more often but we’ve been in the middle of the highlands of Ireland and uploading data isn’t an option for us there. So sorry for the silence.

It’s been an epic and very beautiful trip so far. I can’t wait to start doing the podcast again to tell you all about it.

Initially I thought sit would be simple: Scotland, England, Ireland, three episodes basically.

But between each destination there were many subjects found: people, places, and things that deserve more time than just a mention, so that’s what I am going to do.

While here in Ireland, I am also learning a great deal about myself, about my Irish-ness that always rises to the top, it explains so much about me, the things I do, how I interact with people, my urge to communicate, interact, help others, sure it my DNA, but part of the DNA is inherited, and my grandparents were born in Ireland, and some of the people I’ve met and talked to, I’m exactly like them in their way of thinking, it’s very interesting. Also hard to explain in detail but I think the upcoming podcasts that will have Ireland episodes, well, you’ll see what I mean.

So listen, I have to get up. It’s 5:45am. Our taxi will be here at 6:30am, it’ll take us to our bus, and then we are headed north, all the way to the top of Ireland.

How am I feeling? Decent but tired. It’s nice to be bussed and to learn directly from locals and it’s relaxing as well.

Today’s destination is Giants Causeway, and the the Black Taxi Tour Of Belfast where we will learn some history about the troubles.

Thanks for reading. It’s great to talk to you. Posts will be sporadic until good signal is found.

We’ll be based here in Dublin for a little bit before we move on.

Ireland is an incredibly beautiful place. I had no idea just how beautiful.

Before I forget, we also visited some scenes from the movie ‘The Quiet Man’ yesterday. Incredible. Maureen O’Hara was my first cinematic crush. What an incredibly beautiful woman, but of course my wife is more beautiful! 😁

We’ll talk all about that visit on an upcoming episode!

Take care and talk to you soon!



Photos are from the Cliffs of Moher area.

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