McDonagh’s, Galway, Ireland

Looking for a place to eat in Galway that’s inexpensive and delicious?

Try McDonagh’s Sea Food Bar/Fish & Chips Bar on Quay Street in Galway, right in the city center.

In the foreground is the Chicken breast and an order of chips, and in the background is my order of fish and chips. (I selected the cod, but there is also salmon, whiting, Ray wing, Mackerel, Smoked Fish, Plaice, and Hake.

There are numerous sides to choose from as well. We ordered a side of Curry that was excellent to dip into.

This meal was a great value and a lot of food all for 17 Euros. Possibly one of the best deals in Galway.

So if you are hungry, wNt great tasting food, and suddenly find yourself in Galway, Ireland.

Stop into this place and you won’t leave hungry!

A special shout out to Leon, Andreas, and Shayna at McDonagh’s and thank you, Andreas for recommending the Cod! It was awesome!!!


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