*Important Reminder*

Just a reminder we are currently on the road in Scotland, England, and Ireland.

We’ve had and will have excellent recording opportunities for upcoming podcasts that will be available soon after 3/18

Thank you very much for your patience, but I promise you, you are going to like the audio collected on this adventure that I can’t wait to share with you.

So if you like the Beatles, traveling, Premier League Football (soccer), street musicians, music, philosophical conversations on life, random conversations with interesting strangers, people singing loudly in empty stadiums (I couldn’t help myself), then all of this and much more are subjects that we captured for your listening pleasure and will be up in interesting episodes when we get back to the states.

In the meantime go to our ‘about’ page, click on the iTunes or Spotify link, hit like, subscribe, and follow, it’s all free and I would be greatly appreciative of your follow.

Thank you very much. Look forward to talking to you very soon!



What does this random photograph of a complete stranger five-feet away from me holding a hotdog in her hand have to do with anything?

It doesn’t!

It’s completely random street photography, is all it is.

I saw it. I thought of its rebellious compilation of mustard and ketchup simultaneously fighting for space on top of that already crowded roll.

I then thought of the eternal condiment battle on which rules the hotdog domain: mustard or ketchup, and this helps solve nothing and only complicates matters.

I then snapped the shot. And for about half an hour afterwards I wanted a hotdog with sauerkraut, onions, and mustard and simultaneously thought of how good a chili, cheese, and onion hotdog would be instead…

I abstained and conquered the food demons and ate a chicken Caesar Salad later that day!


Catch up with you later!

PS: can you finally tell I have great WiFi and can actually get some pics and posts up?

Sorry about the setback. I’m a victim of technology or lack thereof.

Talk to you soon!


PS: Mustard or Ketchup on a hotdog???

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