Into The Woods


Any day sitting by the pond watching the waterfowl is an excellent day. Add snowfall, and it makes it that much better.

It was that kind of day today. The weather here in Philly was cold and damp. We awoke to snow on the ground and it was still snowing by the time I walked out front and into the woods.

I don’t have to walk far to find a bench, sit, and wait.

Today was an decent day for video. Unfortunately the sky was overcast, but the birds and deer were active.

I will put sections of what I filmed up this week. We’ll start with these mallards. Common, but just nice to watch them glide across the calm surface.

Had a great encounter with four deer, a great chance to see them waiting me out until someone flinched. I flinched first. I will post that footage later in the week.

Thanks for watching.

5 comments on “Into The Woods

    1. Yes. I’m often in the woods finding quiet and wildlife to observe. I find it a form of therapy in this crazy world we live in.

    2. Absolutely! I make it a point to surround myself by it daily. I fortunate to just take a few steps from my home and suddenly I am in the woods. I am fortunate in that way but it’s where I prefer to be.

  1. Very beautiful Tony – so peaceful watching these ducks glide soundlessly in your video. I get the same kind of peace when I am in the Park, even if it was a day like yesterday when the geese were making a raucous racket … it is all about being immersed in the ambiance. The squirrels and their antics make me feel like a kid again. Thank you for subscribing to my blog; I have subscribed to your as well. – Linda

    1. Thank you, Linda! Absolutely. Nothing like being immersed in the ambience of it all, mindfulness of being in the moment, appreciating all of it at once by being in the ‘now’! You are welcome and thank you as well!

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