Duck Search

Recently a rare Mandarin Duck was spotted not far from my home, so I went to the lake to take a look and see if I could find it.

Last year a Mandarin Duck sighting occurred in Central Park, NYC, and created quite a commotion among photographers and just about everyone else eager to get a look at this creature uncommon to this area.

To potentially have one so close to us was a temptation I couldn’t ignore, so I got to the lake quickly but unfortunately once the lake froze, the duck was gone. With the unseasonable warm temps we’ve had around here, the lake had melted and I was hoping the rare duck would make it back. No such luck.

While I was there I took some quick video of  Canadian Geese and a bird that loves his chocolate pudding!

I’ll keep searching for the Mandarin visitor, hopefully it will come back once again!

Have a great day!



Mandarin Duck at Ridley Lake


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