The Daily Sortie

The Daily Sortie!

Ever witness a scene like this? A raptor in search of a meal being mercilessly harassed by a bird that could easily end up as a meal? I see this often and I always wondered why the raptor doesn’t turn on the agitator and have at it. I’ve posed this question to many an expert and the common answer I receive is that the raptor wishes to avoid any potential injury so as to insure its health. Health is everything in the wild. If the raptor, in this case a Red Tailed Hawk, is injured in the scuffle, he then may be unable to fend for itself and thereby perish. Sounds good to me. So in the mean time, if you hear a chorus of screeches and calls emitting from the sky, look upwards, you just may witness a beautiful aerial ballet of the hunter being harassed to ‘move on’ by the smaller potential prey. Thank you very much for reading and have a great day!

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