Season 1 Episode 13: Children Of The Seventies


vintage music antique radio
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Did you ever find yourself following the mosquito truck on your bicycle as it created a toxic white cloud of sweet smelling concoction blended up to unleash devastation to the insect world?

How about listening to Led Zepplin, Elton John, The Who…and any other band who’s sound was coming out of a transistor AM radio?

Drag racing in your fathers 74 4-door Dodge Dart?

Then welcome to the club, you’re a child of the seventies.

In this episode, Rick and I talk about growing up in seventies and draw comparisons to then and now. Plus, we talk up the local music scene here in the Philadelphia area discuss how we still think the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame should be here and not in Ohio.

All this plus more on this episode of Finding Subjects.

black white mosquito
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