If I Were A Rich Man…


If i were a rich man, this is where I’d be, taking care of horses, staring at the sea,

I’d stay up for the northern lights, staring at the sky, wondering what is out there, wondering just how high

I’d then wait for the sunrise and stare out there again, that’s if I were a rich man, I’d do that till the end…

On a recent trip to Iceland, I found that place i’ve been searching for, that place where I could just sit and stare at all day. It’s way up north, on the Arctic Ocean, just about on the Arctic Circle.

As I stood outside my truck and stared out at the ocean, I saw an actual iceberg many miles away, you couldn’t miss the contrast of white against an almost Caribbean blue sea, it was there, coming from somewhere, probably Greenland the locals said, I just couldn’t stop staring at it.

You’ll see no telephone poles or wires obscuring the landscape, only land, sea, and sky, fields of grain waving in the cold wind, winter was coming soon, it was in the air, and I didn’t care, I just wanted to continue to stand there and gaze out into the ocean, looking at nothing in particular, and simultaneously, seeing everything.

There was no noise but the sound of the wind at this place. I closed my eyes and let the sun hit my face, breathed the clean fresh air deeply, then felt a sharp punch on my right arm.

“You sleeping?” my daughter asked me, laughing afterwards.

“Look at this. Isn’t it beautiful?” I asked.

“It’s incredible,” she replied, as she crossed the dirt road and went towards a couple of Icelandic horses standing on the other side.

“I’d stay here,” I said to myself. “I’d stay here for a summer at least.I’d be alright with this, the seclusion. I’d eat tunafish sandwiches everyday,” I laughed to myself, thinking of how many tunafish sandwiches I had during that trip thus far.

I started out saying “If I were a rich man,” not from the musical, from my own creation. I think a lot of people wonder about being rich all of the time. I was wondering this particular day just what subject I’d go out and find, and then we came across this place. I can’t tell you exactly where it is. I’m saving that for myself, for my dream. But it is a beautiful subject, a place I haven’t stopped thinking about since I’ve been back home.

I’d like to tell you I’ll never be rich. But fact is, I already am, not in material things, but in everything else. I think I am probably the only person in the United States that actually played the lottery last week when it was up to 1.6 Billion dollars and subliminally did not want to win. That was a scary number, and I wish the winner great success in their life with that newfound burden, but no thanks, I say, not for that much cash.

As for this place… I think I’ll be back. It’s now embedded in my soul…

If I were a rich man…

I probably wouldn’t be as happy with my life as I now am…

Have a great day!

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