Life and Death

DSC06797The contrast between life and death stood before me in this photo, a scorched tree from a recent fire, life and everything else surrounding it. The storm was off to the left of this shot. Up here you can have everything to yourself one moment, then suddenly, two, three, four cars pull up and you are sharing the view. There are signs posted warning people to stay in their cars in the event of a thunderstorm and yet, people got out and walked around not wanting to waste a moment here with this beauty. I mention to my wife we are all rolling the dice standing out there so high in the sky with an electrical storm so close…and suddenly a crack and instantaneous boom, people ducked and looked around.

A tree not one hundred yards from us was hit and exploded, the remnants smoldering and on fire, and people not thirty yards from that, glanced over at it, and then turned their attention back to the vista, apparently, a view worth risking ones life for…


The tree struck by lightning roughly 100 yards from us still smoldering and aflame.

Best I could do with the shots, a drive-by. Rangers arrived quickly and shut down the area until fire units could put out the flames.