American Crow

On my way to get a haircut, I found this American Crow sitting in the middle of the road.

I approached him and he didn’t protest as I picked him up and carried him to a shady area under a tree. I also provided him with food and water. He just stared at me and I at him, understanding how intelligent these creatures are, I hoped he’d understand I was just trying to help but inside I had a bad feeling he was just too sick to recover.

I returned about an hour later to check up on him. Unfortunately he didn’t make it.

I removed him from the area and gave him a proper burial.

I take some heat (friendly banter) from friends about being an advocate for the lost, lonely, poor, defenseless, but to me it’s all good.

This world is a tough place to survive. If we can all do just a little something for those in need, well, just maybe that does indeed come back to us later in life.

American Crows are abundant. They are also susceptible to West Nile Virus, and are used as a bioindicator for the spread of the virus.

It’s possible this bird was indeed sick, and I was careful as to how I handled him.

Thanks for reading!

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