Intelligent Design


I took a journey through the woods the other day and as I was busy looking for ticks ‘questing’ for a host, and watching out for poison ivy, I came across an opening in trees and suddenly found myself among the tall grass and weeds in a beautiful field. Not bigger than the infield of a baseball diamond, I stood there and took it all in, and saw this tiny flower.

From just about six feet up and looking down, my eyes came across what I believe to be a wild geranium. I kneeled down to take a better look, grabbing the camera, I hoped it would capture the details I knew my eyes weren’t capable of seeing. I took the shot and hoped for the best, and thankfully, I wasn’t disappointed.

The interesting thing about this flower is that I thought quite possibly I’d be the only person that would have ever laid eyes on it’s beauty, and so I thought it’d be cool to share it with you.

The intricate details of its parts are nothing short of amazing. To think it could have quite possibly lived there it’s entire existence without being appreciated, well, that’s why I felt it needed to be shared. Enjoy!