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  • Episode 3: Stuff Happens

    LISTEN HERE ┬áSometimes in life ‘stuff happens’, and when it does we are left standing within ourselves doing our best to understand why. In this episode, I get personal, as I share with you something that happened with me in… Read More ›

  • Episode 2: Random Act Of Coolness

    Have you ever had an encounter with a famous person? In this episode I found myself waiting for the band, The Who, to disembark from their jet, and while waiting, I had the pleasure of meeting and conversing with the… Read More ›

  • Episode 1: Finding Subjects

    Sometimes getting lost is fun, especially when you are driving a Jeep. In this episode, my wife and I drive deep into the desert surrounded by nothingness, only to discover within that emptiness sometimes everything that matters is found. This… Read More ›